Staff Members

Centre Director
Steve Dunn

Maude Danis Coulombe

Support staff
Marie-Claude Archambault


Tamera Hadlock

Teaching Staff
Janet Shufelt – English| Personal development |Computer

Sarah Padner – Mathematics | Sciences

Theresa Greene – Math | English

France Groulx | French conversation

Charles G. Rouleau | French second language

Caroline Monnier – Social Integration Program (Pleins Rayons)

Jean-Nicolas Tremblay – Social Integration Program (Pleins Rayons)   

Student services

Patricia Duchesneau – Social work technician

Lyanne Choquette – Academic and vocational training counselor 


Annie Asmar – Psychoeducator

Brittany Ellis – Special Education Technician (Pleins Rayons)


Andréanne Ruel-Lachance – Academic and vocational training counselor (On maternity leave)

Development services

Martin vigneux | Development and business services Centre Director

Marisol Silva